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We can’t control our diabetes without knowing what to do. That means searching out information ourselves. Diabetes is so complex that, unlike people with other conditions, we can’t rely on our doctors.

As a writer about diabetes I search out information wherever I can find it. That means interviewing doctors and other experts, reading the latest books, and keeping up with the diabetes magazines.

But what I learn from those sources pales in comparison to the information about diabetes available on the Web. Knowing how to search the Web is so important that Gretchen Becker includes a whole chapter, “Searching the Internet,” in her book The First Year: Type 2 Diabetes. Marlowe & Company, the biggest independent publisher of books about diabetes, will publish the second edition of her book on December 28.

Ever since the first edition of this book I have rated it as one of the two best books about diabetes. The new edition is even better.

For both editions I wrote the chapter on “Searching the Internet.” In the five years between the two editions the Internet has changed so much that I had to completely rewrite the new chapter.

All of my best search tips are there. Except for one new way to search.

The biggest problem with information on the Internet is that there is so much of it. Worse, a lot of it is commercial and unreliable.

We need ways to search reliable sites. I have often used Google U.S. Government Search. But it excludes a lot of excellent sites – like mine.

Now we have it, thanks to Elizabeth Zabell and David Edelman on their new blog. Their Diabetes Web Search searches more than 250 of the most relevant diabetes non-profits, government sites, pharmaceuticals, and blogs.

Elizabeth and David use a new Google search tool. If I had discovered it first, I would have set up a Diabetes Web Search myself. So I am especially glad that they did it.

This article is based on an earlier version of my article published by HealthCentral.

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