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The brand new dHealth Network really does make health management easy, as it claims. I know because I have been helping them to test it for the past two months.

It is especially for people with diabetes. Unlike lots of programs where you can track only your blood glucose, the dHealth Network makes it fast and easy to track our progress with everything that we measure. It’s also important to mention that using dHealth Network is free.

It supports all blood glucose and blood pressure meters. I especially like that you can track your blood glucose levels separately for fasting and after meals. For years I have complained about programs that don’t let you tease out blood glucose levels depending on whether we had eaten or not.

You can track your weight every day, as I do there. And since exercise is important in controlling diabetes, I also carry a pedometer and enter my daily steps on the site.

You can also share your health information on the dHealth Network with friends and family. In addition, the dHealth forums can connect you with others who have similar interests and health ambitions.

Until this week, the dHealth Network has been in stealth mode. The sponsor, the dHealth Foundation, just opened it up to check how well it works with the thousands of users who can log in now.

To begin to use the dHealth Network, you can log in and click on “Join Now” or click on “Take a Tour” to visit as a guest. Besides being free, your data is also secure and confidential. I can guarantee that because for years I have known the people who developed the site and am sure of them.

I have tested the site a lot with both my Mac and my PC. You can also use a cell phone that has web access, and the foundation loaned me one to test it with. But since I couldn’t figure out the cell phone, I returned it and can’t vouch for using a cell phone to access the site. Cell phone technology sure seemed to me to be more complicated than the Internet!

When you go to the dHealth Network, you need to make sure that your browser is set to accept cookies. Originally, I had set Internet Explorer, the browser that I use on my PC, not to accept all cookies, so I wasn’t able to enter my blood glucose and blood pressure levels, my weight, and steps.

The site will add a health care professional monitoring tool in early January. It will allow doctors to track their patients on the system.

Please check out this site and let me know how this site works. I think that it’s a most valuable addition to the tools we have to track and control our diabetes.

This article is based on an earlier version of my article published by HealthCentral.

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